Monthly Archives: December 2018

2020 Audi A7 Front

2020 Audi A7 Sportback, Speed

It is becoming real now, new 2020 Audi A7 will actually get its premiere in the upcoming year. With everything that is known so far, new A7 should become one of the strongest sedans ever produced, especially for younger generations. With all the good things that are announced, we have some serious plans that new Audi is getting to know their business about the sedans and about the things that younger people want. Let`s see did they get it all right. Continue reading…

2020 BMW 8-Series Front

2020 BMW 8-Series M850i, xDrive

It is about time that we hear something new about the arrival of 2020 BMW 8-Series. That`s one of the cars that made us so happy to know that it`s going to be released. We are pretty sure that new 8-Series is going to please all the customers in the world, and especially those sedan lovers. There`s no doubt that the customers love to see new models, well, this 8-Series is about to be released with so many new details on it so it can be called as the brand new model. Take a quick look at it. Continue reading…

2020 Aston Martin RapidE Front

2020 Aston Martin RapidE Price

The most luxury sedans are getting serious with the arrival of 2020 Aston Martin RapidE. It is serious to release this kind of car. It is a car that is ready to make the entire planet so curious and special. We know that Aston Martin is more than capable to release an amazing luxury and classy car. This new RapidE is one of the classiest so far definitely. They are turning so much attention to this car that they could make some of them less important. Take a look at all the things they have released about it. Continue reading…