2019 Bentley Continental Front

2019 Bentley Continental Arriving

Bentley is truly the world’s finest car company and their product 2019 Bentley Continental is definitely something every car driver would wish to have. It has been over two years when his last generation was released and now, all we have to do is to wait and see how great is this new generation going to be. At the moment, we must brag about the amount of information`s we have about this sedan. We must say that we are one of the rare people to have this great amount of details available. Take a look at the review we`ve prepared.

2019 Bentley Continental Front

2019 Bentley Continental Redesign, Changes, Specs

Even just the pictures of new 2019 Bentley Continental are enough so you can figure out how incredible this car is. He`s beautiful with every angle you lay your eyes on him. The front part is surely the thing that`s going to draw the biggest attention to. It has a long hood with nice finishing touches. The grille is wider than before and it shines more than ever. That`s the evidence that it is made from finest chrome which is something you need to use if you want to be competitive on the market. Next to the grille, even bigger than before are the headlights. They`re made the infamous circular shape which reminds us on the previous version. Bentley doesn`t want the customers to be disappointed with the way they`ve changed the entire car.

On the sides, new 2019 Bentley Continental has some new lines added but the biggest difference is the air vents. They`re great proof that Bentley is making this far stronger than ever before. His engine is cooled in every second which is perfect to make it effective. On the rear end, new Continental has larger rear glass and stronger bumper. That bumper is now made with the hard steel as the only choice but we know that can`t affect his overall weight. It is reduced thanks to the lightweight materials which are used in the biggest amount in the chassis. The exhaustion pipes are wider and they`re made to be circular shaped. Of course, new Continental is offered in limited series and he can`t be chosen with any color you imagine, only the ones that suit him more than ever before.

2019 Bentley Continental Interior

2019 Bentley Continental Interior Design, Appearance

As ever, the interior of Bentley`s vehicles is something you can`t forget. That`s the thing they`re bragging about the most. The cabin of new 2019 Bentley Continental is created using the most amazing, perfect and luxury materials. There will be supreme Alcantara leather, imported wood from Brazil and some carbon fibers to complete it. The result is obvious, new Continental has the coziest cabin on the market. To be honest, we haven`t seen anything similar to this one. His seats are surely the finest in a sedan. There is the supreme lumbar support which is completed with the heating and cooling option. When it comes to the new Continental, that will be the basic choice. The additional choice for new Continental is the massage option.

The instrument board is bigger than before but it is equipped with fewer buttons than before. That`s the way all of the sedans should be created. New 2019 Bentley Continental is surely a leader in so many aspects. The infotainment system is definitely the finest ever produced in Bentley`s sedan. With all of the functions, Bentley`s engineers have added so many new ones. What is even better about them is that all of them can be controlled using nothing but your own voice. That`s truly great because the driven can control all of the functions while he keeps his eyes on the road during the entire journey. This isn`t the thing that all of the cars can be controlled with.

2019 Bentley Continental Rear

2019 Bentley Continental Engine, Power, MPG

Even though this new 2019 Bentley Continental is the perfect looking car he’s mainly one of the finest cars by the way he runs. The 6.2-liter W12 petrol powered engine with direct injection is hidden under the hood of this car. It can make his performances sky-high. Other than providing great performances, this engine can develop 624 horsepower and torque amount of 664 lb/ft. 8-speed dual-clutch transmission system is paired with this engine and it can produce amazing speed and performances.

Overall time which needs new Continental to reach from 0-60 mph is 3.3 seconds. Top speed is estimated to be 213 mph. Great numbers for a great car.

2019 Bentley Continental Price and Estimated Arrival Date

The release date is set to be February 2019 and his overall price is higher than before. It is estimated that new 2019 Bentley Continental is priced around $212.000.

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