2019 BMW 4-Series Front

2019 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe, MPG

One of the best luxury sedans is surely new 2019 BMW 4-Series. He has been improved over the past few years and has been a great addition to the BMWs sedan lineup. The customers are very excited about the arrival of this sedan and so are we. According to the first responses, we have so much great stuff to be excited about when it comes to the new 4-Series. Let’s we all take a few minutes and read this complete article about the upcoming 4-Series. Take a look.

2019 BMW 4-Series Front

2019 BMW 4-Series Exterior Redesign, Review, Shape

The exterior design is surely a thing where BMWs designers are paying the most attention to. We have seen that their cars are always voted as one of the nicest. That’s definitely going to be the same as the new 2019 BMW 4-Series. His shape is stunning and perfectly designed. We must say that’s the shape of the perfect sedan. It’s going to suit new 4-Series in every way possible. Maybe this is the first time that we’re going to start from the rear end when we’re talking about the exterior. His rear glass is way bigger than before and that’s something that brought our attention.

Looking at the bumper, we can spot that it looks stronger but we still don’t know the materials he’s made of. We’re expecting mostly hard steel with some carbon fiber and chrome. There’s not a single plastic piece on new 4-Series. Now, his exhaustion pipes are moved further down the sides of the bumper. That makes them really separated from one another.

It wasn’t a secret that the front part of new 2019 BMW 4-Series was going to remain exactly the same as before because that’s something that is recognizable. Not only is it recognizable, it really does look amazing. That famous dual-kidney shape grille is something that brought BMW so much success. Now, they are aiming for even more. It arrives on the 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are now painted in black as the entire exterior is. No doubt that makes him look sportier and classier. Now, BMWs engineers have tried to make him a bit more functional. That means that the entire lamps compartment is changed and improved. We expect nothing less than the best LED and bi-xenon combination. Perfect for a perfect sedan.

2019 BMW 4-Series Cabin

2019 BMW 4-Series Interior Look, Specs, Appearance

Looking at the cabin of the new 2019 BMW 4-Series we can spot some changes too. For example, BMWs designers have managed to make him a bit roomier than he used to be. That is perfect for the passengers inside. Not only there is more room for them, now, but they’ve also taken some additional attention to the cargo area. That small difference makes him great family sedan which he intends to become. Now, there’s no obstacle for him to become the world’s best sedan ever. To do that, he must be exactly how his designers and engineers want him to be. For now, they haven’t announced that any plastic parts are added to the interior of new 4-Series which is great to know.

When it comes to the comfort level, we’re so excited about the newly developed seats. New 2019 BMW 4-Series has them offered with supreme lumbar and sides support. That’s something that separates him from the crowd of others. With it, it can surely reach the top of the sedans lists all over the world. Surely, there are some changes on the instrument board but not that noticeable like there are on the rest of the cabin. The BMWs designers have surely done their best to make a memorable car.

2019 BMW 4-Series Rear

2019 BMW 4-Series Engine, Power, Performances

Even though this is one of the most amazing sedans on the market, new 2019 BMW 4-Series is offered with only one engine option at the moment. That’s one of the strongest and one of the most functional units on the market. That’s going to be the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged unit. This one can develop 248 horsepower and 258 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.

What is also interesting about new 4-Series is that he’s going to be offered with the only one gearbox option. According to the officials, that’s going to be 8-speed automatic transmission system. For the basic trim level, the fuel consumption is ready and estimated. The official numbers are 24/34 mpg city/highway.

2019 BMW 4-Series Price and Release date

New 2019 BMW 4-Series is set to be released at the April 2019. When it comes to the release price, we’re sure it can’t get below $46.300 for the starting trim level.

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