2019 Ford Fusion Front

2019 Ford Fusion Release date, MPG

New 2019 Ford Fusion is arriving on the market in his full shine. It is designed to make all of the customers more than thrilled. Ford surely knows how to make you speechless. With arriving of this finest sedan, Ford almost completes their 2019 year lineup. Now, they have almost all of the leaders on the every car market. We`ve prepared this review so you can see that they really mean business when it comes to the new Fusion. Take a look and read it carefully.

2019 Ford Fusion Front

2019 Ford Fusion Redesign, Exterior Differences, Specs

The exterior design is pretty simple when it comes to the new 2019 Ford Fusion. His shape is exactly the one how you could imagine and wanted the perfect sedan to be. We know that his shape is more than brilliant but that is an evidence that Ford`s designers haven`t had a day to spare. Definitely the finest thing on the entire exterior is the front part of new Fusion. It has a longer hood than before and some ideas are that in the middle of the hood, Ford places great air vent which is the signature sign of some other car models from their factory.

At the end of the hood, we can see that the grille is wider and longer than before. That means that the grille is almost placed to the bottom of the vehicle. What is different is how the grille shines more than it used to be. The secret for that is in the chrome, the material that is used to create the grille on new Fusion.

2019 Ford Fusion Platform, Specs, Shape

The rest of the body is nothing less impressive than the front fascia. For example, we can notice that the sides of new 2019 Ford Fusion are equipped with a new set of lines and some new and larger air vents. That allows the engine to be perfectly cooled in every moment. It arrives on the 18.0-inches wide wheels. The rear part of new Fusion is restyled a bit as well. Both of his exhaustion pipes are larger and positioned closer to the one another.

Now, both of them are placed on the right side of the rear part. Both of the bumpers are a bit reinforced but on the rear one, we can really notice the difference. It is bigger than before which means that it is stronger as well. The safety is increased with it which means a lot for the families. They want to know that their chosen vehicle is extra safe.

2019 Ford Fusion Cabin

2019 Ford Fusion Interior Style, Comfort Level

Even the interior design is really important and well designed. New 2019 Ford Fusion has all of the important parts used in the cabin. Ford`s officials have really taken great care about the cabin of new Fusion and they have listened to what the customers have to say about his previous generation. They have listened to what the customers are expecting to be redesigned and changed. When it comes to the previous generation, customers surely don`t want the same seats design to be given to the new Fusion. That is why that`s the first thing they`ve changed. Now, there is no option that the seats could be made from any other material than the leather. More directions of adjustments are available and both heating and cooling options are used in the basic trim level. It is obvious that the seats can`t be the problem for new Fusion.

The instrument board had to be changed as well. Now, it is expected from new 2019 Ford Fusion to have fewer buttons than before. The first pictures we can see are telling exactly that. The touchscreen is bigger which means there will be fewer controls. Some of them are transferred to the steering wheel and some of the functions are available to be used with the just voice commands option. Everything is just on a touch away from you. Now, you`re going to be freed to use all of those numerous options that are going to be installed in new Fusion. They`ve made it easier to be used.

2019 Ford Fusion Rear

2019 Ford Fusion Engine, Performances, MPG, Power

As always, as we`re used to, Ford isn’t that willing to talk about the official engine options for their new vehicles. But now, they have been really interesting about it and willing to talk about it. Due to that, we have found out that new 2019 Ford Fusion is going to be powered with the 2.4-liter inline-4 engine unit. This time, it`s going to use only petrol fuel, there won`t be diesel available for new Fusion and his engine options.

This engine unit is capable to generate great power amount. It is estimated to be around 175 horsepower and close to the 175 lb/ft when it comes to the torque amount. The fuel consumption is estimated to be 21/32 mpg city/highway which is brilliant. All of that won`t be available without the usage of a 6-speed automatic transmission system which is paired with this engine. It`s going to send the power amount only to the front two wheels.

2019 Ford Fusion Price and Estimated Launch Date

February 2019 is estimated to be the release date for new 2019 Ford Fusion. We know it`s going to price around $25.000 for the basic trim level.

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