2019 Lincoln MKZ Front

2019 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, Speculations

Lincoln is among the car producers that are willing to create the car that is ready to make everybody speechless. Well, with new 2019 Lincoln MKZ they`re doing exactly that. The moment we`ve seen this model, we couldn`t find a word to say about it. All we could say was wow. And it really makes that kind of impression, wow and amazing. It is more than clear that they`ve took really good care about this car and we can see that in every, even the smallest, detail. You`ll see that as well. Just take a look at this review we`ve prepared and you`ll figure out how incredible this car is and how incredible can he become in the future.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Front

2019 Lincoln MKZ Redesign, Changes, Specs

The exterior of this 2019 Lincoln MKZ is definitely something you`re going to remember for a quite long time. Just one look is going to be enough so you could fall in love with this model. It has most brilliant shape that seems to be the perfect just for new MKZ, not for any other car. Almost everything else on this car looks like it is made exactly for it. That is something that tells us that Lincoln`s designers really know what are they doing. Just take a look at his front fascia and you`ll see what are we talking about.

The headlights are something we can`t see on any other similar model. They`re long and thin but not as we are used to see on some similar sedans. They have a bit sharper edges and that is what makes them separated from the others. Now, new MKZ will be placed on 20.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are also looking like they`re made especially for new MKZ.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Platform, Specs

As they have treated this car well, Lincoln`s officials are expecting that he`s going to return them with so many sold numbers. We expect nothing less than number one spot on the sedan lists all over the world. Next to those headlights we`ve mentioned above, new 2019 Lincoln MKZ has brand new grille. That grille is now wider as well but it looks like it is spreading all across the front bumper.

On the end of the grille, we can see some new air vents and fog lights. The fog lights are now using brand new LED lamps for the first time. As we`ve mentioned the front part, we can`t forget the back side as well. It looks as nice as the front one. Now, the back part has way bigger taillights than it has before. They`re going to help him attract bigger families because the safety is what`s going to be increased with those large taillights.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Interior

2019 Lincoln MKZ Interior Design, Review, Materials

Since we`re used to see that modern people are buying large SUVs, the car Companies knows how to create the cabin of sedans to make the customers loves them more. It is simple as that, they look what is placed inside some good SUV. New 2019 Lincoln MKZ is the way how you can make good influence. They`ve made the cabin to be cozier and roomier than ever. The lucky passengers that`s going to be placed inside will enjoy every second they spend inside. Also, we can`t forget that they`ve made larger cargo area as well. To be honest, they`ve done everything they can to make you love this model more than some other that`s going to be similar to him. The seats are changed and they just look nicer, who knows how cozy and comfy they are.

The seats aren`t the only thing that is new inside 2019 Lincoln MKZ. We have heard that the instrument board is something that`s going to look and feel new as well. This time, Lincoln`s engineers and designers have done all they can to make you have better feeling when you`re touching or using the instrument board. First, you need to know that there won`t be plastic used on the instrument board inside new MKZ. Everything is made so the touch of the passengers can be the best available. Also, you need to know that the touchscreen that`s going to be placed on the middle of it will be the biggest so far. It is said that it`s going to be 10.0-inches wide. That`s going to make new MKZ one of the best equipped sedans on the market. It is exactly what the Lincoln`s officials wants him to be.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Rear

2019 Lincoln MKZ Engine, Hybrid, Power

As we`re used to from Lincoln`s designers and from some of their previous sedan models, new MKZ will be available with more than one engine unit. But, since it is still a bit early to talk about them, we must say that we know only one engine option that`s going to be under its hood. This time, that is 3.7-liter V6 turbocharged unit. This strong engine can make new 2019 Lincoln MKZ supplied with the power of 300 horses and with the torque amount of around 250 lb/ft. That is quite enough for a luxury sedan so we know that won`t be his basic engine choice. We expect that to be something weaker than this engine option. 6-speed automatic gearbox will be the only transmission choice and it`s going to be quite good and useful.

What is also interesting about this model is that he`s probably going to be available to use hybrid engine option. We just can`t wait to see him officially released but we`re still waiting for the Lincoln`s officials to confirm that.

2019 Lincoln MKZ Price and Estimated Launch Date

We know that new 2019 Lincoln MKZ can`t be released before June 2019. We`re still looking to hear the official starting price and all we could find is that it`s going to be offered from $37.000 and above.

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