2019 Tesla Model S Front

2019 Tesla Model S Electric, Performances

What seems to be the rumors, now it is true. New 2019 Tesla Model S will be released in next year probably. This time, it is still unsure how the new Model S will run but we are pretty sure how it’s going to look like. We are here to provide you great information’s about almost anything you can find interesting about this model. Just sit back and relax in reading this review which we think you’re going to love. The result should be you loving new Tesla’s model S.

2019 Tesla Model S Front

2019 Tesla Model S Redesign, Review, Exterior

We all know how great Tesla Motors are in creating the exterior of their vehicles. They’re going to continue to that that’s for sure. New 2019 Tesla Model S is latest proof for that. It’s going to have that brilliant shape that has always made this car special and separated from others. With his carbon fiber shape, it’s going to have extra lightweight body which is perfect to make him have brilliant aerodynamic abilities. What is interesting about Tesla’s cars is that they aren’t releasing their cars with so many different exterior color choices. There will be only few of them but all of them are nice and all of them could make this car looks extra classy and luxury. That’s exactly what Tesla wants you to think about new Model S.

On the front part, new 2019 Tesla Model S has extra wide and long headlights. For the first time, all the lights on new Model S will use newly developed LED lamps as one and only choice. The grille is extra thin and really good looking. On the sides of new Model S we can spot that Tesla’s engineers have done all they can to make him look sportier. With it, we’re sure that there will be more interested customers. All in all, new Model S is one extra looking car. We’ve already mention the colors he’s going to be offered in but you should know that he’s arriving on 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels. With them, the power is increased. That’s what we all want to see, stronger Model S.

2019 Tesla Model S Interior

2019 Tesla Model S Interior Design, Materials, Instrument

Of course, first thing you’re going to notice inside new 2019 Tesla Model S is his large touch screen that is placed on the middle of the instrument board. That is now 10.0-inches wide and it looks perfect. Maybe the best thing about it is that, besides it really looks amazing, it is extremely functional. There won’t be any button added on the instrument board besides that huge touch screen. We love the way Tesla Motors are designing their cars. It is awesome how they manage to create the cabin that great without adding some useless buttons and controls. Almost entire cabin will be made using great combination between leather and carbon fiber. That is something almost all car Companies are using but somehow, Tesla Motors are managing to take the best of it.

We have heard some first rumors about the newly designed seats. They’re going to be newly designed with more than 10 directions of adjustments. With it, you can really relax and enjoy the ride in new 2019 Tesla Model S. Besides that, new Model S is now released with the seats that are having both heating and cooling options in the basic trim level. All the functions which were installed in the previous generation of Model S will be transferred to this one as well because they’re still extra modern and useful.

2019 Tesla Model S Rear

2019 Tesla Model S Engine, Electric, Power

As the engine unit is the most important thing inside new Model S, Tesla Motors still don’t want to reveal the official information’s about it. All the details we’ve heard about the engine unit are just a rumors but they’re extra reliable. When it comes to the acceleration time, new Model S will need only 5 seconds to reach from 0-60 mph. This time, it’s going to make him go over 150 mph which is something amazing to hear for 2019 Tesla Model S. The most important thing about the engine unit for new Model S is that his batteries will be extremely fast rechargeable. Now, it is estimated to be fully charged in under two hours which is more than brilliant. That is something we want to hear for every electric model.

2019 Tesla Model S Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2019 Tesla Model S is estimated to be $74.000. What is sure about new Model S is that it’s going to be released at the beginning of 2019, probably in January.

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