2019 Toyota Corolla Front

2019 Toyota Corolla Arrival Date, Price

The moment when we have figured out that new 2019 Toyota Corolla is about to be restyled, we were more than excited. Every true Toyota`s fan knows how important this car is for Toyota`s development. Therefore, we have no doubts that they`re going to keep it simple and effective. We have so high hopes for new Corolla. This review is presented to you so you could be in touch with everything that Toyota is working on. Take a look.

2019 Toyota Corolla Front

2019 Toyota Corolla Exterior Design, Appearance

We know that the exterior design of the new 2019 Toyota Corolla is something that has to be simple to be effective. That`s the only way how new Corolla could be successful. The customers have used to see it that way so they will not love some serious changes on the exterior. What is interesting about it is that Toyota will change a shape of new Corolla but they`ll continue giving it the same details as before. This time, the shape is sharper than before. That`s one of the safe ways how you can be sure that you`re doing the right job. With different shape, comes better aerodynamic abilities. That`s something modern cars need to have so the fuel consumption will be reduced.

As we`ve said, the details on new 2019 Toyota Corolla are placed at the same places and in the same style as before. The headlights are where we are used to seeing them and the fog lights are under it as well. Both of the bumpers are reinforced with better materials used. That`s helping new Corolla receive better safety. With increased safety comes better interest from the families. That`s the goal for this year’s Toyota cars. New Corolla is one of the first to touch the market. New 19.0-inches wide alloy wheels are placed on this sedan and it is quite suitable for it.

2019 Toyota Corolla Cabin

2019 Toyota Corolla Interior Look, Shape, Style

There are some changes in the cabin of a new 2019 Toyota Corolla. To be honest, Toyota definitely had to make some changes inside so new Corolla could be called as the extra modern sedan. The exterior could be made in the same old style but the interior must be different. Therefore, it is created with better materials and not just the expensive ones. The comfort of the customers is in the first place for the Toyota`s engineers. The result is obvious. New Corolla has roomier cabin than before and it has softer materials for the passengers to sit in. Now, in those newly designed seats, you`re going to feel like you`re sitting on a cloud. Better lumbar support with heating and cooling option is included is the way to reach the top.

The instrument board inside new 2019 Toyota Corolla is truly one of a kind. It is designed with fewer buttons than in any Toyota`s car. That`s surely the evidence that Toyota wants the best for new Corolla. They`re giving it the most and the best. Central display is larger than before and it features better options than before. It is really great how Toyota`s engineers have combined the climate vents with the central display. They’ve placed them next to it but made it to be bigger than before. Also, the infotainment system has to be the best. It has so many new functions which are easier to be controlled than before. Also, Toyota`s engineers have done their best to create the perfect balance between the safety and entertainment functions.

2019 Toyota Corolla Rear

2019 Toyota Corolla Engine, Power, Abilities

There are so much information`s about the design of new 2019 Toyota Corolla but there are only few of concerned about the engine unit. So far, we know only one engine choice for this stunning sedan. That`s going to be his basic choice. That`s the 1.8-liter 4-cylinder petrol powered unit. This one is great because it can use only minimum fuel and it produces great power amount. Official numbers are saying he can develop 132 horsepower and 128 lb/ft as torque amount. The 6-speed automatic transmission system is mated to this engine and to every other that appears available for this sedan.

The fuel consumption numbers are now ready. This new Corolla has the fuel consumption of 28/36 mpg city/highway which is more than amazing.

2019 Toyota Corolla Price and Estimated Launch Date

Toyota`s officials are saying that new 2019 Toyota Corolla can`t be released before May 2019. When it comes to the price, we think he could go from $21.000.

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