2020 Honda Amaze Front

2020 Honda Amaze Review, Price

Every new model that arrives from Honda`s factory draws extra attention and new 2020 Honda Amaze surely deserves every single part of that attention. Now, in the era of great SUVs, Honda`s ready to release one perfect looking sedan that is ready to make all of us speechless. This is their main project for the next few years. They want to make the sedans popular again. To do that, they had to create the best Amaze they can. They had to make us amazed. Take a look at everything they`ve done with this model.

2020 Honda Amaze Front

2020 Honda Amaze Redesign, Changes, Appearance

In the matter of exterior design, Honda`s officials have done so much great work in that aspect. They have done all they can to make him look a bit renewed and restyled. Now, his officials want you to think really good about this model and they want you to think about it as a brand new model. The shape of a new 2020 Honda Amaze isn`t a surprise at all. It is designed to look stunning and to do so much great on the performances area. Therefore, his front fascia is lowered than before but that won`t affect on his overall driving experience. The hood is longer than before which is the result of making him look sportier. They have succeeded in that this time. Also, we can notice that the grille is made in that recognizable Honda`s style with vertical chrome bars.

All the lamps on new 2020 Honda Amaze are improved significantly when we compare them with the previous version. The rear fascia of this mighty sedan looks really good. It really looks like that`s the part where they have turned their biggest attention to. The rear glass is bigger than before which allows the driver to have bigger visibility behind its car. Both of the exhaustion pipes are placed closer to the edges of the rear part. With it, new Amaze looks sportier than before. Also, we can notice that the rear bumper looks stronger than before which makes this car safer to drive. That way, they are making the families choose this model before some other that`s similar to it.

2020 Honda Amaze Cabin

2020 Honda Amaze Interior Look, Specs, Style

Interior design is a really important part for new 2020 Honda Amaze. Because his exterior isn`t that different from most of the other sedans, they had to do something different on the interior design. They have made it roomier than before which is the first thing they had to do to increase the interest of the customers. Now, they have managed to do that so there`s no problem for the passengers inside. Even the cargo area is bigger than before. That leaves more room to go on some longer trips. In addition to that, Honda`s officials have done the great thing to make his seats cozier than before. They`re arriving with both improved lumbar and sides support. Everything to make the passengers cozier inside.

The instrument board is obviously the part where they have turned their biggest attention to when it comes to the cabin. Now, they want to make new 2020 Honda Amaze one of the best-equipped sedans on the market. Therefore, we know that the infotainment system is better than before. It comes with so many new functions and features. Some of the standard ones are: parking sensors, hill assist, digital climate controller, adaptive cruise control, traction control, blind spot alert, overtaking assist, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, emergency braking and more airbags equally divided around the cabin. With everything we`ve heard, there`s no question that the new Amaze is one of the finest.

2020 Honda Amaze Rear

2020 Honda Amaze Engine, Power, Performances

Now, Honda wants to keep the engine unit that`s going to be available for new Amaze as a secret for as long as they can do that. We still don’t have any additional information`s about it because the employees of Honda has signed the contract that they mustn`t release any information about the engine choice. Therefore, we have left with only those details that officials have released. They`ve said that new 2020 Honda Amaze is going to be powered with the 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol powered unit. Even though we don`t have any additional details about it, we are so proud of this engine because we know it is great. This engine can supply new Amaze with the 100 horsepower and with the torque of 150 lb/ft as the maximum.

The fuel consumption is one of the main reasons why would customers choose this new Amaze before some others. New Amaze is estimated to have 58 mpg as combined driving.

2020 Honda Amaze Price and Estimated Launch Date

This new 2020 Honda Amaze is set to be released at the beginning of May 2020. His price is estimated to be exactly $25.000 which is basic. Of course, his most demanding trim levels could go over $30k easily.

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